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The Diary of Anaïs Nin, Volume 4

Anaïs Nin

The great beauty of my life is that I live out what others only dream about, talk about, analyze. I want to go on living the uncensored dream, the free unconscious. I make my concession to reality. I work at the press for eight hours. Then I come home and work on the novel.

Nin’s diary juxtaposes and dissects what she calls the two spheres of reality: nature and neurosis. 

Reading her is to fall into this bardo, where the unconscious & conscious mingle, symbols are rich, and life is rendered one big marathon of psychotherapy.

“The hero of this book…is the malady which makes our lives a drama of compulsion instead of freedom.'”

To read her diary is to immerse in the experience of somebody engaged in Emerson’s call to action: earnestly pursuing an original relation to the Universe. 

“While neurosis rules, all life becomes a symbolic play. This is the story I am trying to tell.”