You Must Change Your Life

Peter Sloterdijk

Also reviewed in Wired and The New Humanist.

 …no ‘religion’ or ‘religions’ exist, only misunderstood spiritual regimens…There are only regimens that are more and less capable and worthy of propagation…The false dichotomy of believers and unbelievers becomes obsolete and is replaced by the distinction between the practising and the untrained, or those who train differently.

So begins Sloterdijk’s treatise on ‘anthropotechnics’. A reviewer writes, “Human beings are self-forming animals, he says, and the history of human society is the history of anthropotechnics.”

In a phrase, the book exclaims:

“It Is Time To Reveal Humans As The Beings Who Result From Repetition!”

Sloterdijk is dense, technical, and exuberant. It’s not an easy read, but it’s exciting, and a refreshingly vibrant take on philosophy as, ultimately, the intentionalized practice of our own becoming.


This was the variety of book that after reading, I found myself writing about it. It’s ideas still permeate a lot of my writing. Those essays deriving from this read are here: