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Does It Matter?

Alan Watts

A philosopher, which is what I am supposed to be, is a sort of intellectual yokel who gapes and stares at what sensible people take for granted, a person who cannot get rid of the feeling that the barest facts of everyday life are unbelievably odd.
— Watts

A collection of essays upending the ways of living we take for granted, considering more sane alternatives. Examining everything from the value of money, the clothes we wear, how we design our kitchens, to the nature of consciousness, this is Watts at his best.

“If, if, we get our heads straight about money, I predict that by AD 2000, or sooner, no one will pay taxes, no one will carry cash, utilities will be free, and everyone will carry a general credit card. This card will be valid up to each individual’s share in a guaranteed basic income or national dividend, issued free, beyond which he may still earn anything more that he desires by an art or craft, profession or trade that has not been displaced by automation.”