The Ego Tunnel

Thomas Metzinger

Developing a consciousness culture will mean expanding the Ego Tunnel and exploring the space of altered states of consciousness in ways from which we can all profit. The interplay of virtual-reality technology, new psychoactive substances, ancient psychological techniques such as meditation, and future neurotechnology will introduce us to a universe of self-exploration barely imaginable today.
— Thomas Metzinger

Metzinger is one of those exciting blends between serious meditator, neuroscientist, and philosopher. His writing combines the best of these worlds.

In The Ego Tunnel, Metzinger takes the ideas from his master work, Being No One, and makes them more widely accessible.

“The current lack of a genuine consciousness culture is a social expression of the fact that the philosophical project of enlightenment has become stuck: What we lack is not faith but knowledge. What we lack is not metaphysics but critical rationality - not grand theoretical visions but a new practicality in the way we use our brains. The crucial question is how to make use of the progress in the empirical mind sciences in order to increase the autonomy of the individual and protect it from the increasing possibilities of manipulation.”