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In Defense of the Essay: Writing as Introspection

In a digital age that's diluted the essay's reputation, the craft's function is best given by a description of the essay's originator, Michel De Montaigne: “Montaigne [puts] not self-satisfied understanding but a consciousness astonished at itself at the core of human existence...” The essay is an attempt at fleshing out this astonishment.

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Rediscovering Progress: The Fading Philosophy of Economics

It’s the ability to choose one’s own vision, as opposed to one of necessity, that the American idea can aspire towards. The purpose of economics is to render itself irrelevant. That economic concerns will progressively cease to usurp the existential stage, making way for the creative, imaginative, or even quaintly mundane modes of existence chosen by each individual seems the backbone of any collective truly interested in liberty...

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