Jorge Luis Borges

…the true Abyss, which is the soul of man. The terrifying immensity of the firmament’s abysses is an illusion, an external reflection ofour own abysses, perceived ‘in a mirror.’ We should invert our eyes and practice a sublime astronomy in the infinitude of our hearts…If we see the Milky Way, it is because it actually exists in our souls.

Reading Borges is to occasion metaphysical vertigo.

Reading Borges was, and remains, an event in my writing life, a copernican revolution in my understanding of what can be done with narrative and form.

His writing is existential, imaginative, large, meticulous, and true to the book, labyrinthine.  

There’s little more I can say other than reading him is to stretch, rearrange, and confound one’s mind, with all the delights such a confusion brings.