Musing Mind is a podcast for existentially bamboozled, resolutely curious humans.


The ever-awkward self-portrait.

The ever-awkward self-portrait.

Hi there, I’m Oshan Jarow. This podcast brings contemplative practice and cultural theory into the same discourse - one concerned with new economic, philosophic, and social ideas for how we might live in the 21st century.

I’m drawn to the kind of radicalism that stretches our collective imagination for what is possible. Guests on the podcast are practitioners of existential creativity, in fields ranging from heterodox economics to psychedelic and contemplative explorations of consciousness.

The podcast is an exploration of the possible, and an examination of what constrains possibility.

I think exploring new cultural systems - updated for a 21st century world made of new networks, technology, and ideas - might give rise to new kinds of consciousness, in the same way that exploring consciousness might give rise to new kinds of cultural systems.

This podcast is like a conversational search party for existential creativity. (Post)capitalism, meditation, philosophy - making sense of a world in flux, and exploring a present teeming with possibilities.

If you are interested in helping the podcast exist, consider becoming a Patron. Like the rest of us, the podcast is precariously balanced between being & non-being.

You know the spiel: podcasts cost money & time, neither of which I have in abundance. And the more patrons, the more time I can shift to this project, and the more I can invest in audio equipment, research, and quality. Thank you!