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Here’s my basic relationship with life:

I know, my drawings are getting out of hand

I know, my drawings are getting out of hand


This is what Annie Dillard calls the human endeavor, or what Daniel Schmachtenberger calls ‘sense-making’.

If you find any value in my small piles of sense, you might be interested in supporting my continued ability to do so. Everything I create is free of both cost and advertisements to you. Because ads suck and promote a perverse funding logic that compromises the integrity of the work and the platform (both the medium & the message). But existing is not free, and neither is maintaining a podcast or writing essays.

If you dig any of the stuff I make - Musing Mind Podcast, essays, newsletter - your support helps me create more. Any kind of support is deeply appreciated, and goes towards allowing me to create more of these (non)-sense piles.

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Our human endeavor … is to shift phenomena one by one out of the nonsense heap and arrange them in ordered piles about us.
— Dillard



The most direct way to support me & the ongoing creation of my networked media ecology - essays, podcasts, newsletters, etc. Patreon is a service that allows people to support creators with monthly donations starting at just $1. With reliable, recurring support like this, I can shift more time from my day job to the good stuff.

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A small group of intimate readers is better than any casual viewership. Joining my newsletter opens a direct line between us. I send out newsletters when I’ve written/recorded/found something new I’d like to share, and you can reply to any/all emails with your own thoughts, so this turns from one-way voyeurism into an actual dialogue.

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The internet is a massive spider-webbed network. Sharing any of my work on social media makes it drastically easier for others to find it, and further weaves me into the information flow.



Any support helps me reorient more of my time into these projects, and I cannot express how thankful I am for the encouragement I’ve received so far.

- Oshan