What’s the scoop?

Hey there, I’m Oshan Jarow.

I’m passionate about what it feels like to exist - the possibilities for sentience. My writing eyes that liminal space between what is, and what might become. Other times, it just stares deeply into vending machines.

My basic sentiment is that we are all going to die & nothing of ours will remain, and the universe is vast & weird & mostly unknown to us; and yet here we find ourselves, alive & sentient, miraculous & vile. SO, might as well kick life squarely in the pants, & live with as much vigor & zest & kindness as we can muster. Doing so is an integral, ecological project - equal parts individual responsibility and sociocultural engineering.

So I’m curious about meditation in conjunction with urban design, lifestyle philosophy in cahoots with imaginative economic theory, and writing as a practice for both self-enquiry and spreading vivifying ideas. I’m after something like existential creativity.

I left school with a degree in economics and philosophy, and began self-educating as a dharma bum wandering Asia. MusingMind is the splayed trail of my reading & writing, my becoming as an astonished flesh-bag in an expanding cosmos.

At present, I’m curious about the reciprocity between culture & consciousness, while also trying not to take any of these inquiries too seriously, and appreciate things as they are.



 Some starting points

  • I share my findings through the Mind Matters Newsletter

  • Though I’ve written for outlets like Ribbonfarm & The Side View, most of my writing lives here, on the website. A few favorites:

  • The Musing Mind Podcast lives here, where I have conversations about the emerging possibilities for how we might live in the 21st century

  • I think of Musing Mind as a flare gun shot into the void, looking for others who are simultaneously baffled by our existence, and enthralled by the possibilities. If I’m lucky, we’ll wind up in a late-night conversation - over a pot of peppermint tea & a few choice snacks - about the nature of emptiness, or how culture might become a garden of consciousness, or the like.



Get in touch

Let’s connect, I’m here to collaborate. I live in Kingston, New York, & spend time in NYC/Brooklyn. If you’re around, let’s grab a beverage & compare notes about living.

I’m also a fan of ongoing email conversations with no expectations for timely replies, snail mail letter correspondences, book recommendations, dharma chats, and so on.

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Artwork on the site is mostly Zen brushwork by Peter Cutler, whose other works are available here